Schedule and cost management are the most essential parts of project lifecycle management and many

projects fail as a result of not managing these critical components effectively. The most commonly used

tool for project schedule management is Microsoft Office Project, which is designed to assist project

managers in developing schedules, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets

and analyzing workloads. The most common technique used for cost management is earned value

management (EVM), a project management technique used for measuring project progress in an objective

manner that combines measurements of project scope, schedule and cost performance within a single

integrated methodology. EVM is becoming the standard across the world for this purpose in both the

private and public sector and many organizations are now adopting this technique to manage their

projects. In the public sector, EVM is mandated for all government projects in the United States and many        other countries are following

Earned Value Management Using Microsoft® Office Project is the first reference to effectively combine the most widely used scheduling tool with the most widely accepted cost management technique. It is a practical guide to end-to-end scheduling and cost management using Microsoft Office Project that includes a CD-ROM of a limited version of a unique EVM software tool that will help practitioners more effectively manage their projects, track and report the status and progress of projects, and take necessary action before their projects fail beyond repair. This text is an excellent complement to whatever Microsoft Office Project guide that you may be using and a significant addition to the literature on how to use EVM.

Key Features:

    * Covers the knowledge areas of schedule and cost management in depth and is aligned with the Practice Standard for Earned Value Management published by Project Management Institute
    * Provides a practical step-by-step approach to building a schedule and managing it throughout the lifecycle of the project
    * Shows how to setup the schedule in such a way so as to enable effective cost management through EVM and how to use the EVM software tool provided to manage current and future projects
    * Includes valuable tips and practical illustrations for every step in the process
    * Demonstrates how EVM can be effectively applied to any size project or program with the same rigor as that of a large and critical project
    * WAV offers free downloadable tables with calculations of the different parameters of the EVM technique and a sample project schedule — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at