EFQM is a not for profit membership foundation.  For the past twenty years we have shared what works between our member organisations as a way to help them implement their strategies: a mission which is as important as ever.

Through our network of over 600 ambitious members comprising private and public organisations of every size and sector, many active around the world, EFQM applies its know-how and extracts outstanding approaches by engaging with executives and front-line managers.

EFQM is helping to prepare a new generation of business leaders by offering training and development opportunities built on practice-based learning and exchange between organisations. Our exchanges are underpinned by shared tools for assessment, calibrated during two decades of use within companies and as the basis for discerning the EFQM Excellence Award, Europe’s most prestigious award for organisations.  Members contribute to our knowledge base by sharing their management models, techniques and guidelines and by serving as cases on how they work in practice.