Autodesk Alias Family of Products

Autodesk® AliasStudio™, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, is now known as the Autodesk Alias family of products. The Alias product line consists of Autodesk® Alias® Design, Autodesk® Alias® Surface, and Autodesk® Alias® Automotive. 
Autodesk Inventor LT

Download a FREE 30 day trial of Autodesk® Inventor LT™ for 3D part modeling, and to experience the interface and productivity benefits of the Autodesk® Inventor® product family. 
Autodesk Inventor

Order a test drive to try out the 3D mechanical design and full assembly modeling of Autodesk Inventor, and learn how to transition to digital prototyping from 2D processes.
AutoCAD Mechanical

Download a free 30-day trial of AutoCAD® Mechanical. Discover the tools that will assist you in designing and delivering higher quality mechanical projects! 
AutoCAD Electrical

Part of the AutoCAD® family of products, the leading application built specifically to design and document electrical controls systems. 
Autodesk Showcase

Facilitate informed decision making using realistic imagery from 3D design data, and an environment in  which to present and review designs     
The Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping enables your company to move to 3D design and beyond. It enables manufacturing workgroups to create a single digital model that can be used in every stage of production, bridging the gaps that usually exist between conceptual design, engineering, mechanical design, and manufacturing teams. It provides the technology to help manufacturers build fewer physical prototypes, reducing design and production costs. Access free trials for the Autodesk Manufacturing solutions below.